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The purpose of the “C” Club of Houston is to promote an environment in which candidates possessing high moral principles and a clear vision of the future can be elected. The “C” Club's non-partisan support of political candidates is heavily based upon, but not limited to, the candidate's support of conservative fiscal policies; and, the preservation of our communities and the promotion of a strong economy. Founded in 1964, the “C” Club PAC is composed of 100 fiscally conservative Houston business and professional members who make a continuous study of local, Texas government.

Each year the “C” Club PAC strives to evaluate each candidate in the races for the City of Houston and Harris County. In particular, the “C” Club focuses on the Justices and Judges seeking out the best candidate to promote conservative values. A conservative approach to enforcement of Texas law is a critical consideration and opposition of candidates who would legislate from the bench, often referred to as “judicial activism”. Upon the completion of this process the C Club releases the list of our endorsed candidates.

Now more than ever, we need people to stand up against the endless reckless spending our government officials are supporting and condoning. In an effort to spread our message of conservative fiscal policies, we ask that you please click on the video link on our site and watch our commercial we are now airing on television.

Should you agree that encouraging like-minded citizens to vote is worthwhile to preserving our Republic, then please forward this website to others and ask that they do the same. There is also a donation tab for supporters to donate to this effort and sign up for our email updates. Forwarding this website and video on, singing up on our website and making a donation are all crucial steps that we need you to take to help us make this campaign successful. Remember however, getting out and voting is the most critical effort of support you can show for their fiscally conservative leaders we support.

All funds collected will be used 100% towards airing this advertisement. Thank you for your support. Signing up for email updates on our site, forwarding our video to as many friends and family and colleagues as possible and making a donation is a way for you to make a difference in this critical election. However, getting out and voting on November 2nd, or before, is the most important thing you can do.

Thanks and keep fighting to preserve our Republic.

President Jack Rains
Vice President David R. Dominy
Secretary Bert Keller
Treasurer John O’Neill
Past President J. Mace Meeks
PAC Treasurer Joseph O. Slovacek

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